The Love and Enjoyment of Craft Beer

Our goal is to enhance your enjoyment of craft beer by bringing you, the reader, interesting and entertaining information about craft beer.

Here you will find articles about breweries, brewers and their beers (both core beers and new/seasonal releases); news, reviews and informational articles about beer festivals, retail establishments, the craft beer industry and editorials and opinions about things happening in this great wonderland called craft beer.

From time to time, we will also feature articles about home brewers and their brews.  After all, most commercial craft brewers began as home brewers and many of them still have hours of enjoyment brewing at home.

To help achieve our goals we will feature multiple writers, each of whom has their own likes, dislikes and opinions regarding craft beer.  We recognize that with any beer there are hundreds of people that love it and a nearly equal number that hate it.  Some people love IPAs and others hate IPAs.  Recognizing this, we won’t be touting a beer as the best in the world or the worst beer ever made, although we may at some point in the future conduct polls regarding beer styles.  Keeping in mind that there is a ton of subjectivity in “rating” a beer, even using the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) style guidelines, a writer may still publish an article that finds fault with a beer you truly love.  It’s okay, if you love it you should drink it regardless of what others may say about it.

One last important point; at least in the beginning, all of us (the writers) live in Texas.  However, we are able to travel to other points around the world and we will write about beers where our travels take us.  We may write about beers that aren’t available in Texas but at least you’ll know where to find them.  You can bet that if I go to Belgium, I will figure out a way to have a Westvleteren 12 and write about the experience; good luck finding that beer in Texas.

So join us as we enjoy and write about our passion, and hopefully, yours as well.